The German designed evaporator range from Cabero incorporates innovative design features that offer performance and longevity.

Cabero Condenser Range
Cabero Evaporator Range

As a leading global manufacturer of hermetic compressors and condensing units, Tecumseh products touch the lives of millions every day. Innovative, durable and highly efficient, Tecumseh continue to set the standard that others follow.

Tecumseh Refrigeration Condensing Units

The Ryker GH Condensing unit has been manufactured for optimum, efficient and instantaneous cooling. Made to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, pre-wired for ease of installation, and fully compatible with all modern refrigerants, Ryker is built to last.

Ryker Technical Brochure

The Acpac range is designed in Australia to provide an energy efficient, fully fitted packaged range with world leading hermetically sealed reciprocating, scroll and semi hermetic reciprocating compressors. Acpac uses premium compressors and large condensers to ensure reliable packaged refrigeration when you need it most.

Acpac Packaged Refrigeration Condensing Units

The Compac is a new range of fully fitted packaged units with world leading Tecumseh hermetically sealed reciprocating compressors.

Compac Packaged Refrigeration Condensing Units

A press fitting system for use with hard, half hard or annealed copper tube providing a secure, permanent leak-proof joint, suitable for air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

MaxiPro Fitting System

Combining innovative features with intelligent design, Kaden gives you precise control of your environment. Designed for local conditions, every Kaden heat pumps delivers enduring performance and reliability.

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Kaden KSI Heat Pumps